International Exhibition of Naive Art, Brut Art and outsider art INSITA PRAHA 2023.

I present to you the 3rd year of the international exhibition of modern naive art, art brut and outsider art, which will take place from 3. 11. until 2. 12. 2023 in the premises of the Lapidárium gallery in the center of Prague. I am very happy that there is more and more interest in this exhibition both from a number of visitors and from the insit painters themselves. This year, 48 artists from 11 countries are exhibiting here. The Czech Republic is represented by 18 painters, Slovakia is represented by 10 artists, and the third largest number of people is Italy. You can view over 100 paintings here, where, in addition to classic techniques, there is, for example, painting with oil or acrylic on canvas or wood, we also exhibit underpainting on glass, ceramic objects and tiles, or unique paintings using concrete. The central picture for this year was painted by Jiří Vidlák, winner of the Public Prize of last year's Insita Praha. I wish, together with the exhibiting authors, that you like the exhibition, brighten your day and delight your heart….

Alexandra Dětinská

Poster Insita Praha 2023

Photogallery Insita Praha


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